Monday, August 2, 2010


No, malasadas are not "badly grilled".  They are Portuguese doughnuts (minus the hole and fillings)!  My family fell in love with these tasty treats on one of our adventures to The Big Island.  There, we found Tex's... Think of them as a Krispy Kreme but for malasadas.  I could have stayed there all day if I could, just watching them make the malasadas.

Imagine how excited I got when on our last trip, I saw that Tex's put together all the dry ingredients for their malasada dough!  I had to buy one so I could make these delectable doughnuts at home.  So what did I do?  I bought two of course!

Well, I found out yesterday that it was a darn good thing I splurged and bought not one bag of malasada mix but two.  I totally screwed up the first batch!  I was supposed to let the dough rise for 20 minutes, and I think the dough actually started shrinking instead!  I let it sit there for 15 more minutes, and still nothing happened.  I went back to look at the recipe, and I forgot an ingredient.  1/2 teaspoon of sugar.  That was all that was standing between me and the fluffy goodness of malasadas.  Time to start all over.

So after about an hour of trying to make the dough correctly, and after painfully throwing out the first batch of dough, I successfully made almost 3 dozen, 2-bite-sized malasadas!  Rudy and I could not wait to try them!  It's a good thing we taste tested them at home before we took them to the family pool party, because we did not get a chance to eat any once we got there!  Those malasadas were gone soooo fast!  I think they were eaten faster than I had made them!

So I learned a few things in this adventure. 
  1. Malasadas need a lot of sugar.  If you think you have enough, check again!
  2. My family, who loves to share what they have with as many other people as possible, refuses to share malasadas.  It is every man, woman, and child for themselves!
  3. I need to find Tex's recipe online somehow, because I am already hankering for some more!

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  1. Your Malasadas were super nummy! You definitely need to find that recipe and make some more!!!