Saturday, August 7, 2010


After seeing this application in many magazines, I finally decided to download it.  To my surprise, it was free!  Yay!  My favorite aspect of this app is the "Search Recipes".  You can search recipes that have certain ingredients that you already have, or you can search certain cuisines from around the world, or you can tailor your recipes to certain dietary needs.  Heck, you can even search a combination of all these!  I was really excited to search Portuguese/Spanish dishes for dinner that was low cal. 

I bought Mahi Mahi fillets from Fresh and Easy when they were on sale (oh how I love a sale!) and was really exicted to find a good looking recipe that included Mahi Mahi on this app.  Not only was the Mahi Mahi with Gazpacho delicious, it was pretty to look at. Rudy ate every last bite!  As he put it, "Baby!  This doesn't even taste fishy at all!"  All I have to say:  Mission Accomplished.


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