Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moroccan Chicken

I love trying food from other cultures.  If I can't travel abroad, at least I can let my taste buds take the trip for me.  I have been watching a lot of HGTV (it's either this or soap operas for day time TV, and I'm not really the soap opera type...) and they keep talking about Moroccan design.  Moroccan this.  Moroccan that.  I finally got fed up with every one having or doing something Moroccan without me.  So I whipped out my phone and did a search on Epicurious (seriously my FAVE!).  What did I find?

A very yummy chicken and fennel dish that I served with Indian paratha and quinoa.  I don't know if the Moroccans eat either of these, but they were a tasty addition to the chicken.  And the best part was, I had a bigger audience for this dinner too!  Salomon and Rudy both had this, and I'm pretty sure they were both finished eating before I even sat down.  They both inhaled it and then promptly asked for more.  Unfortunately, they would have had to go to Morocco to get more because I ran out.  Next time, I am going to have to make a double batch!

So until I can save up enough money to buy a plane ticket to Morocco and good walking shoes, this dish will satisfy my travel temptation.  The only question left is, where am I off to next?

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