Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Golden Spatula

Every semester, Nimitz teachers get together to develop units during their time off.  This little get together lasts a solid week.  This does a few things:  gets me prepared for the upcoming semester, lets me make all of my first day of school copies, and I get to gain about 10 pounds from eating all the tasty homemade treats my colleagues bring in to share.  In addition to sharing our treats, there is a competition for the best of the best treats.  This coveted award is known as the Golden Spatula Award.  I want it.  Bad.

This time around, I am not going to hold back.  None of this healthy crap that never gets me anywhere.  I am going to bust out my secret weapon:  malasadas.  Oh those poor unsuspecting teachers!  They will never know what hit them after tomorrow morning!!!  I plan on showing the other competitors no mercy.  I'm not even waiting for the official sign up before I spring these on them.  My devious plan must work!  It must! 

Unfortunately, I must also wait until Thursday to find out if I win.  I can be patient...

A pile of 72 delectable delights!

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