Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Rudy's mom's birthday always creeps up on us, but this time we were ready!  Rudy and I decided that we would make a birthday cake from scratch.  Well, kinda.  We bought strawberry cake mix and cream cheese frosting.  Oh!  And we bought blue sparkle icing and sprinkles.  But other than that, it was completely from scratch.

Well, anyway, we made two 9-inch rounds because we wanted to make a cake with filling.  We baked the cakes and let them cool.  We made the filling and filled the piping bags (really they were just big freezer bags, but piping bags sound so much better).  We got out the spatula and serving tray.  The only thing we couldn't get out was those damn cake rounds!  They were cemented in!  Poor Rudy had to pound the backs of the tins and try to loosen them with the knives for what seemed like hours.  And finally, success!  After that, it was a piece of cake (YES!  The pun was totally intended.).


So, we made a strawberry cake with strawberry filing topped off with cream cheese frosting.  Complete with a sparkly blue birthday message.   So...
Happy Birthday Rosie!



  1. thanks to you I can use this for my friend Rosie on facebook.