Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Hash

Sundays are usually Rudy's day to make breakfast.  But since he's taken such good care of me this weekend, I thought I would give him the day off.  I decided to make breakfast for him instead (with lots of handwashing, of course)!

After looking through my Cooking Light magazine, and watching an obscene amount of Food Network this weekend, I came up with a nice little hash.  It has the meat and the onions, just like all good hash.  My twist is that I take out the potatoes and add a little apple.  It just wouldn't be autumn without some apples, now would it?  I thought this hash tasted absolutely delicious!  Rudy on the other hand thought it could do without the apples.  So I guess there is only one thing left to do.  Give everyone the recipe and have you decide:  apples or no apples?

Autumn Hash
2 links Italian sausage (or any other type of sausage you like)
1/2 large firm apple, like a Honeycrisp
1 whole small onion
1 Tbsp. caraway seeds
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
Salt and Pepper
2 eggs

  1. Place a pan over medium high heat.  Squeez the sausage out of its casings and into the hot pan.  As the sausage cooks, crumble it into pieces.  Meanwhile, slice the onion into thin strips.  Do the same with the apple.
  2. Once the sausage is cooked through, remove with a slotted spoon and place on a papertowl to drain.  Place the caraway seeds in the hot drippings.  They will pop a bit.  Lower the pan down to medium heat.  Cook the seeds for about a minute.
  3. Once the seeds are cooked in the drippings for about a minute, add the apples and onion.  Drizzle in the vegetable oil, and salt and pepper to taste.  Cook the apples and onion down for about 5 minutes on medium heat.  The onions should be started to turn a golden brown and the apples should be somewhat soft.
  4. Add the sausage back to the pan and continue to cook everything until the onions are carmelized, the apples of soft, and the sausage is slightly crispy.
  5. Set another pan on medium heat.  Go ahead and toast your bread at this point.  Once the pan is hot, spray it with non-stick spray and add your two eggs.  Fry the eggs for about 2 minutes on the first side.  Season it with salt and pepper.  Then flip the eggs over and continue cooking until your desired level of doneness.
  6. Place the hash on the plate.  Top it with a fried egg.  Add the buttered toast.  Enjoy!
Let me know how you like it!  I want to put the apple or no apple debate to rest!

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  1. Sorry, I think I'm on Rudy's side on this one...gotta have the potatoes and leave out the apples! =)